MUI is a Property and Rental Management solution for holiday home owners in the greater Melides area.

For holiday home owners, MUI is a trusted ally in property management and rental services. Gone are the days of worrying about pool maintenance, gardening, or electrical repairs. MUI takes care of the tedious tasks, allowing homeowners to truly relax and enjoy their precious time in their holiday haven.

Our rental website showcases a portfolio of exquisite holiday homes, carefully selected to cater to diverse tastes and budgets. Whether it's a charming beachside cottage or a luxurious villa nestled amidst nature, MUI offers a delightful range of options for families and couples seeking an escape to the unspoiled beauty of Coastal Alentejo.

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MELIDES - Just over an hour drive from Portugal’s capital Lisbon you are here. Here is where you’ll find beautiful unspoiled beaches, it’s where you’ll loose yourself on sandy dustroads gazing over endless cork and pine tree horizons. It’s where you will have a genuine portuguese coffee in the sun near the Mercado of the old fisherstown listening to the unintelligible sounds of portuguese. Here is Melides.

Some say it’s ‘a bit further down from Comporta’, but we like to look at it more as the Cogolin of Saint Tropez, the Montauk of the Hamptons. Not so famous by name but so very much worth to be discovered.

In Melides you can witness the most beautiful horizon overlooking sea and lagoon, up in the mountains (Serra) surrounding the town. If you are not in the mountains, the dry flat land gives you a hint of Africa. You can get heavenly stuck in a dust road traffic jam caused by a herd of sheep. Your jeep’s motor roaring, the sheep bleating…that’s the soundtrack of it all.

The future has a lot in store for Melides. Many would like it to stay just as it is. Others welcome the change. We can only hope it will evolve with respect for its local people and culture. With gentle care for its pure and precious nature and through sustainable projects.

There’s something about Melides. It’s the mixture of old and new, locals and newcomers, conservation and innovation about to unfold. It’s precious to its locals and it’s the newcomers best kept secret.